Tattoo Token

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Tattoo Token


Tattoo Token (For existing illustrations) 

If you have seen an illustration of mine you would like to have tattooed onto you then this is a way you can support my work and compensate for my time. (Please make sure you double check the origin of the illustration and don’t reference and past custom tattoo’s I have done or any illustrations that have been used for Customer work) 

Purchasing this in my shop does not send a physical item but allows you and the tattoo artist permission to use the illustration on a once off basis.

If you feel comfortable to share the tattoo once it is on your body please tag me on Instagram (@edithrewa or #edithrewa) or send me an email at

Thank you in advance and good luck!

 *Not available for custom tattoo commissions*

Tattoo references pictured :

Top Left : Tattoo of custom CloseKnit Logo for Ani, tattooed by

Top Right : Tattoo of 'Lone Pea' illustration, tattooed by@dahlia_rose_tattoo

Bottom Left : Custom tattoo of 'wattle friends' for Pat, tattooed at Hidden Moon Tattoo

Bottom Right : Tattoo of 'King Protea' Illustration by tattooed by @tattoo_velikie_luki

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